Personal Injury - Injuries caused by police brutality

The Law offices of Paul Aghabala are now Located in Sherman Oaks California. Our new phone numbers are: (877)75-LA-LAW or (818)788-0808. We are dedicated and specialize in resolving Personal Injury - injuries caused by police brutality cases for our clients in the greater Los Angeles area.

When a person suffers through an act of police brutality, this can leave a lasting negative impact of the victim. While our California police officers are expected to use force when an out-of-control situation calls for an authority figure to take charge, there are times when too much force is used and unnecessary injuries occur.

At times, the victims of police brutality are also victims of racial or neighborhood profiling where the police officers treat a person poorly based upon their nationality, religious views, or their choice of neighborhood to live in. In the United States of America, all citizens and non-citizens have the right to be treated in a safe and fair manner by their local law enforcement officials.

Los Angeles lawyers and Los Angeles legal advisors like to hear from people who believe that they have been victims of police brutality. When people choose to talk about their bad experiences with law enforcement officials this helps to keep the system in-check and safe for all Los Angeles County residents.

It is not necessary to be a citizen of the United States to speak to a qualified Los Angeles lawyer for advice on what to do when you have been a victim of police brutality. Los Angeles attorneys do not call immigration services on their own clients who are allowed under the law to speak freely with their attorney.

If you believe that you have been a victim of improper police actions or police brutality, contact the law firm of Aghabala Law to tell them your story. These Los Angeles attorneys are there to help United States citizens and non-citizens alike to stay safe within their dealings with all law enforcement officials.

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